Shine Your Light With Social Media

28 Jan

The year was 2009 and I’d joined Facebook just the year before. One day while following a series of links and posts down the internet rabbit hole (you know how that goes!) I was led to a bubbly woman named Mari Smith. She was leading a Social Media in-a Day live-streaming event (technology I had never experienced before) and I decided to partake.

Fast forward three years and I have Mari to thank for assisting me with learning how to effectively navigate and harness the power of social media. I’ve come to adopt a purposeful yet fun-filled focus with my approach to communicating and building relationships online.

I’ve stayed in the loop with what Mari shares via her webinars, newsletters and posts online and recently was blessed with an opportunity to meet her in person. I learned about her most recent book The New Relationship Marketing (get a free 30 page excerpt of it here) that I’m super excited to dive into.

Take a few minutes to watch the trailer for the book (4 min); it’s a touching account of her journey and the message she shares resonates with how I feel: Social Media is a tool that allows us a wonderful opportunity to shine our light and inspire others. No matter if you have 10 followers or 10,000,000 – we all have the same blank canvas to paint from online. And it doesn’t cost a thing to get started!

Case in point, Mari’s hosting a free webinar on Jan. 31st called Facebook 2012. Even if you’ve been on a Facebook webinar in the past year, you know how quickly things change online… especially with everything going on at the world’s largest social network! Do yourself a favor and pick up Mari’s top 5 strategies for connecting and monetizing your business online in 2012. From what I hear, she’s got a whole lot more planned for the webinar, too!

[Register here for the webinar; let’s learn from Mari together!]

Just so you know, the spots are filling up fast for this webinar, and it’s less than a week away already. So if you want to join me on Mari’s call, it only takes a few seconds to click the link above and get yourself registered.

I hope to see you on the webinar!

[Harness the power of Facebook to Shine Your Light!]

P.S. Mari just let me know this is her biggest ever Facebook event – she’s going to be streaming live from a TV studio in San Diego along with her assistant Lori. Mari expects over 3,000 people to be on the live streaming webinar on January 31st. Be sure to save your spot now!

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