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Positive Influence, Impact & INCOME!

28 May

Aloha Soul braddahs and sistahs!

Whew! It’s been a while since I have sat down to share with you here.  

I’m excited to pipe up to share something with you that is especially geared for those of you Changemakers and Visionary Entrepreneurs.

I know that making a profound positive difference lights you up more than anything else. 

So when I discover outstanding training that directly supports the work you’re doing, all I want to do is share the love! 

I highly recommend this training for you and know you’ll receive loads of value from it: 

>>> Next Level Rapid Business Growth Training for Visionary Changemakers

This is a brand new complimentary webinar series from my trusted friend, Ryan Eliason — one of the world’s top business coaches.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Ryan a few years ago when he first launched his Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Series and can attest to you that he’s the real deal!

His upcoming training starts on 5/29 and is perfect for you if:

  • You value integrity, social change, sustainability, and creating a world where everyone wins.

  • You’re tired of feeling powerless in the face of the world’s most pressing problems, and you want to significantly expand your impact, influence and income.

  • You’re no longer satisfied with feeling stuck, and you’re ready for expert guidance that quickly moves you to the next level.

  • You want to serve hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people, make a real difference for them, and still have time for a life.

By signing up, you’ll get access to four high-value training webinars, plustwo in-depth case studies with profoundly inspiring changemakers like Ocean Robbins and Sage Lavine. 

Over 50,000 people from more than 100 countries have benefitted from Ryan’s previous trainings. That means you’ll also get to connect with thousands of like-minded visionary entrepreneurs from all over the world. 

Click here to register for FREE: 

>>> Ryan’s Rapid Business Growth Training 

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll get from the series: 

Webinar #1: Ten Vital Steps to Explode Your Positive Impact 
How to make a great living by changing the world. 

Webinar #2: The 11 Most Damaging Business and Marketing Myths 
Avoid years of struggle, save 10-100K, and arrive at your ultimate destination 2-5 years ahead of schedule. 

Webinar #3 – The Six Essential Pillars of Mastery 
Learn to catalyze massive transformation through collaboration, communication, movement building, enrollment, and effective technology use. 

Webinar #4 – Visionary Business Mastery 
The proven 12-module system that leads to a “Black Belt” in visionary entrepreneurship. 

I’m already signed up, and if this resonates with you, I welcome you to join me… 

>>> RSVP Here (in less than 30-seconds) 

Remember, there’s no charge for this value-packed, world-changing training. 

“See” you there! 

Many Blessings, Dev

P.S. Here’s the lowdown on Ryan

Long before it was “hip to be green” he started a non-profit organization that empowered more than 675,000 young visionary leaders from 65 nations to create social change, improve human rights, and increase environmental sustainability. He’s been breathing, eating and sleeping “business for change” since he was a teenager; and has grown 6 successful businesses over the last 23 years. One of his past clients also happen to be the founders of my favorite tea company; Runa Tea!

I’m stoked that Ryan’s agreed to do this series of 4 complimentary webinars, and I know you’ll be excited about what you receive from it! 

My 31-Day Blogging Challenge!

2 Jul

OK friends, drum-roll please… I’ve committed to the Ultimate Blogging Challenge and today, July 1st, 2012 is Day 1!

This is an event that happens at least twice a year and is hosted by lovely ladies Michele Scism and Michelle Shaeffer. Hundreds of folks participate and there’s even a private Facebook support group provided for accountability and support.

I decided to go for it as my blog has been in a slumber for most of the year thus far even though I stated early on in the year that I’d be rocking out with more posts, musings and shares. Well like the post I did back on January 8th, 2012 of this year says: Ho’omaka Hou; Begin Again!

Check out “Ho’omaka Hou” by Olomana!

It’s never too late to start anew and Re-Birth! That’s the Beauty, Nature and Reality of Spirit! There’s no time and no judging. There’s only a letting go of the memory and tie to what hasn’t served and from this place of Alignment, the Choice I make is to Begin Again… and so it is!

Aloha Pumehana, Dewi

Do You Express Your Personal Brand with Aloha?

1 Jul

This article is number 1 in a series of 2. Stay tuned for the companion piece in tomorrow’s post.

The idea of a “personal brand” is something we all understand…at least as it relates to celebrities. Figures like Madonna, Martha Stewart and Lance Armstrong can craft and maintain their brands as methodically as the Startbucks and the Nikes of the corporate world.

But a personal brand for you and me? Absolutely, says personal branding guru Peter Montoya. The issue, in fact, isn’t whether to create a personal brand, but how to create the most effective and authentic one you can.

“Everyone has a personal brand, whether they like it or not,” says Montoya, author of The Brand Called You and The Personal Branding Phenomenon. The idea is to craft that brand so that it creates a clear and memorable impression about who you are and what you do—whether you are a small business owner, a solo entrepreneur or even a visionary artist.

A personal brand is “the powerful, clear, positive idea that comes to mind whenever other people think of you,” Montoya explains. It’s the values, abilities and actions you stand for, or, as he puts it, your personal brand is “who you are, what you do, and what makes you different or how you create value for your target market.”

In that sense a personal brand is a little broader than a corporate brand, but it’s not just a synonym for professional marketing. In fact, most personal branding experts say the process of developing a personal brand turns the typical marketing process on its head. Instead of starting with segmenting, targeting, product, price, etc., you start with…you.

You define who you are, what is truly important to you and what makes you unique—that special something that I call your Fundamental Radiance™ – and then you build your brand around that core set of values. In marketing speak, you uncover your “unique promise of value” aka as your “unique selling propositon”. From there, you identify exactly what segment of the market you want to serve and how best to do it.

Effective branding often means targeting a smaller, better defined market with a much more focused message, says William Arruda, head of the personal branding consultancy Reach. “Although it seems counterintuitive, the smaller you make your target market, the greater your chances of success.”

Tomorrow I’ll share Part II of this article and for those of you looking to clarify, craft and embody your Personal Brand of Brilliance so that you make a bigger impact with your mission, your message and your sales email me at to set-up a complementary 60-minute exploration session.

Shine Your Light With Social Media

28 Jan

The year was 2009 and I’d joined Facebook just the year before. One day while following a series of links and posts down the internet rabbit hole (you know how that goes!) I was led to a bubbly woman named Mari Smith. She was leading a Social Media in-a Day live-streaming event (technology I had never experienced before) and I decided to partake.

Fast forward three years and I have Mari to thank for assisting me with learning how to effectively navigate and harness the power of social media. I’ve come to adopt a purposeful yet fun-filled focus with my approach to communicating and building relationships online.

I’ve stayed in the loop with what Mari shares via her webinars, newsletters and posts online and recently was blessed with an opportunity to meet her in person. I learned about her most recent book The New Relationship Marketing (get a free 30 page excerpt of it here) that I’m super excited to dive into.

Take a few minutes to watch the trailer for the book (4 min); it’s a touching account of her journey and the message she shares resonates with how I feel: Social Media is a tool that allows us a wonderful opportunity to shine our light and inspire others. No matter if you have 10 followers or 10,000,000 – we all have the same blank canvas to paint from online. And it doesn’t cost a thing to get started!

Case in point, Mari’s hosting a free webinar on Jan. 31st called Facebook 2012. Even if you’ve been on a Facebook webinar in the past year, you know how quickly things change online… especially with everything going on at the world’s largest social network! Do yourself a favor and pick up Mari’s top 5 strategies for connecting and monetizing your business online in 2012. From what I hear, she’s got a whole lot more planned for the webinar, too!

[Register here for the webinar; let’s learn from Mari together!]

Just so you know, the spots are filling up fast for this webinar, and it’s less than a week away already. So if you want to join me on Mari’s call, it only takes a few seconds to click the link above and get yourself registered.

I hope to see you on the webinar!

[Harness the power of Facebook to Shine Your Light!]

P.S. Mari just let me know this is her biggest ever Facebook event – she’s going to be streaming live from a TV studio in San Diego along with her assistant Lori. Mari expects over 3,000 people to be on the live streaming webinar on January 31st. Be sure to save your spot now!

Brilliant Idea to Thriving Business – The Hidden Piece Not Taught in School

13 Apr

Aloha friends!

This link takes you to my first official guest post: A Brilliant Idea for Thriving Business: The Hidden Piece Not Taught in School that I created especially for Dan Fonseca’s blog Synapses.

It was a pleasure writing about this often looked-over element that holds the key to your personal as well as professional success. En-Joy reading and be sure to have a look around Dan’s site as well.

Mahalo and Bles-Sings, Dewi

Must Be Present to Win – Score Simply by Showing Up

5 Feb

YAY…I won!

My Facebook friend and Yogini Ishwari Jay just launched her Fan Page. She shared her message inviting folks to ‘Like’ her page in a genius way that inspired me to take action right away.

She created a Facebook Event and called it Fan Page Launching Today! Win a Ticket to YogaHub. Once a day for three days she held a drawing from amongst the names of those who ‘Liked’ the page and then introduced themselves on the wall.

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ contest? Here’s what I wrote on her wall:

Aloha from Hilo, Hawaii Ishwari and friends. I’m Dewi Maile Lim but you can call me Dev for short and I just found out about the Virtual World Yoga and Meditation Conference thru you dear! I’ve recently committed to giving mySelf more and more Yoga and since January have practiced more than ever before. Meditation has been a huge part of my life for some years now, in fact, I’m off to Meditate right after posting here :0) The conference sounds AMAZING; I love that the power of technology allows our tribe to expand and grow into the millions, eventually billions! If it’s for the Highest Good for me to attend then I’ll gladly accept. One Love and Bles-Sings, Dev

I showed up and shared, surrendered the outcome for the Highest Good and lo and behold, I’m now officially attending! Mahalo nui to Ishwari (who is presenting one of the sessions) and YogaHub for helping to put this event on.

The event information:

YogaHub's Sneak Peek Preview Event

One of the things I LOVE most about virtual summits is they feature the Brilliance of a variety of folks (in this case 75!) and attendees are able to tune in from most anywhere in the world to participate. I'll keep you posted with what I learn as I participate in the YogaHub extravaganza...

In the meantime:

....Share what you've won before simply by "showing up"?....


Aloha Kakou ~ Welcome to…

28 Jan

Greetings from beautiful Hilo, Hawai’i!  I’m Dewi Maile Lim, aka Rev. Dev and Aloha Dev.  It’s with great JOY that I say… AAAAA–LLLLLLLOOOOO–HHHHAAAAAA to you!

E komo mai, Welcome, to where our heartfelt message is:

Your time to SHINE is NOW!

My VISION for this site is to have it be a place where you are Inspired and Empowered to BE YOUR BRILLIANCE.  We all can use extra en-Couragement and supportive reminders of just how Powerful we TRULY are in any given moment.

When we ALLOW ourSelves to shine we show up fully and Trust in the knowing that we are supplied and safe even if we are uncertain about what tomorrow will bring.  This is not always an easy place to be so it’s important that you receive loving guidance and  strengthen that part of yourSelf that is eternally wise and ever Present; the Spirit you ARE.

This is a FUN place to Celebrate all that we ARE and to bask in the JOY of Being.  It’s a place where we focus on Being of Service and are empowered to choose how we wish to express ourSelves inwardly as well as out in the world.

I am here to Serve as your Brilliance Mid-Wife and Coach, supporting you to explore:

1) What does Being my Brilliance mean to ME and how does this hold the key to living a fulfilled and joyful life?

2) How do I cultivate my Brilliance so that I have the confidence and energy to BE it?

3) How do I best express my Brilliant message and mission so that I may be of Service to others and how do I find those I am best suited to Serve?

4) How do I make a sustainable living by Being my Brilliance?

5) What tools and techniques will assist me in Being my Brilliance in Service to others?

It’s with great Honor and ALOHA that I welcome you here on this journey with me!  The Divine in me bows to the Divine in you; Namaste!

Please share with us here:  What does Being Your Brilliance mean to you?