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The Art of Sacred Selling

22 Aug

Susanna Maida of Reweaving the World.

If you want to grow a thriving business doing your great work, one of the most important business skills you need to master is how to have successful one-on-one enrolling (selling) conversations with potential clients, without feeling pushy, manipulative, or out of integrity with your values.

The most important investment I’ve made thus far into my business is learning this very skill. I took an entire year to study and apply the art of “selling as service” with a high-level coach. I am now much more comfortable in sales conversations and best of all am able to serve potential clients through the sale process from a place of Freedom, Joy and non-attachment.

Tomorrow, Thursday, August 23rd, my gifted friend and colleague Susanna Maida is hosting a free training call to help you boost your ability to have high-integrity, deeply connecting, be-of-service conversations with potential clients that invite them to take the next step in their transformative journey with you.

It’s called 3 Secrets for Keeping Your Ideal Clients from Slipping through Your Fingers with the Art of Sacred Selling. If you feel anxious or squirmy at the thought of having an effective enrolling conversation, this training can really help you fall in love with “selling as service” so you can relax into it, just be yourself, and hear far more “Yes, I want to work with you! How do I get started?”

To register, go here: The Art of Sacred Selling.

I’ve experienced Suzanna teach on this topic before and highly recommend you tune in. I’ll be there too as I know she’ll be sharing content that I’ll be able to apply in my practice right away… Come join me!

And yes, there will be a recording, so even if you aren’t able to attend live be sure to register so that you’ll still be able to access the recorded call.

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